Wednesday, November 27, 2013


All the world's a stage and all the men and women
Put on masks to strut upon it.
Masks and gaudy costumes
To hide they shabiness the feel within.

They hide their beauty behind layers of paint,
They flaunt what should remain hidden
For all the world to stare at.
Such love and energy
Wasted on affected ennui
Such beauty never seen
Eyes cast down fingers always busy

Learn to love what we all do
Learn to look like we do too.
If we say it is worthy of admiration
It is so, never question.
Never ask why or by what virtue it deserves
To be so admired above ll others more worthy
Just go along, follow me and me and me...

Speak just so
Strive for perfect diction
But did you know
That truth is more beautiful than fiction.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ramblings in the night

I wrote this one around October 2005 one sleepless night. 

Far from home and all alone.
It's so still, 
Not a sound to be heard.
I'm unique, I'm one of a kind
Yeah I'm the only one here going out of his mind
"Do not go gentle into that good night"!?
Oh Mr Thomas you were so damn right.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Beginnings - another short story ;)

Not again. When are these idiots going to finish this damn road? Does it really take three years to upgrade a bloody road? If I worked this bloody slowly I’d be out of a job by now. Whoever said 'change is as good as a holiday' must have been smoking their socks. Don’t need any change here. I'm enjoying the view from this rut. Bloody idiot construction workers.”


I wrote this one in February 2008 after returning home from England. I was inspired after driving to work one morning and seeing the sunrise for what felt like the first time and realising how many of us take the gift of sight and of life for granted and do not appreciate the priviledge of seeing these things daily.

The horizon is ablaze
I see the light spreading left and right
Creeping inexorably forward
It is beauty, it is splendid.

I look around me
I point at the sight before me with an idiotic smile on my face
It seems to stir no emotion in any others
All around me I see shuffling forms
Preprogrammed robots stepping through their intricate algorithms
Placing a tick next to one item after the other on the to-do list of the day.

Have you an entry there that says, “Lift my head and admire the glint of sunlight on cold steel
that seems cold no more.”?
It is imbued with life almost
It looks not so stark anymore
Is there an entry that says; “Wake up early and admire the dawn.”?

See the flames of Sol spread across a cold, dark, sleeping world,
touching every exposed surface
I feel its warmth on my cheek now
Like a lover's lingering kiss.

Untitled - a poem

I wrote this one in October 2005 when I was far away from home in a foreign country. It is one of many from that time that I have never shown to anyone and never put on any type of public medium...until now. Hope you like it.

I'm standing on the edge looking down.
I know I shouldn't jump
But I will.
I'll die if I jump
But I will.

With every step that brought me here
And every single day,
I wanted to stop and turn back
Go a different way.

But I didn't
I should have taken a different path
But I didn't
Taken that road, followed my heart
But I didn't.

Is there still time to turn round?
There might be.
Is there time to start over?
There might be.
Can I take the right road, be a man?
I can!