Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amplats - collateral damage

I've been reading about and listening to all this to and fro about the fact that Amplats may have to cut about 14000 jobs and I feel for the people who's jobs will be made redundant. It sucks to not have a job. It's like the sword of Damocles hanging over your head always there always preventing you from taking any joy out of life. It's like you might think "Oh what a lovely day it is today." but in the back if your mind there's that voice saying "Ja boet but you don't have a job so screw the nice day and go look for one." Always pissing on your parade.
As a husband and a father it feels somehow even worse. I feel like I've failed my family; the people who depend on me to provide for them. I know its not true, that I haven't, but there's that little fucking voice again that says "yep yoooouuuu're a failure". I hate my inner voices they never have anything nice to say.
So I was reading an article in The New Age entitled Will there be calm after the storm at Anglo? which puts forward the company's viewpoint and I feel that maybe there is a good point there. The people who will lose their jobs are worth thinking about. I mean these are breadwinners in their households who will lose the ability to provide for their families. But thinking of the other side of the coin; if Amplats goes bust how many more people will lose their jobs.

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